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LumApps creates an engaging digital work environment where employees feel recognized, trusted, and motivated to do their best at work, from day one.

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Why employee engagement matters

Employees want their work to be aligned with the company vision and strategy, but achieving that goal is a challenge. 

Engaging work environments offer tremendous benefits for the company and employees. 

Highly engaged employees are more creative, efficient, and productive. They have longer tenures, share new and innovative ideas, and positively impact their organization.

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Business challenges

Promote employee engagement in a changing workplace

  • Ensure all employees have the opportunity to participate in company initiatives
  • Align employees on the company’s vision and strategy - regardless of language, location, or device 
  • Encourage team collaboration and promote individual initiatives to showcase positive company culture
  • Deliver a personalized employee experience that puts each employee at the center stage of your company 
  • Promote a culture of recognition where each employee’s work is highlighted
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Solutions and Benefits

LumApps is the perfect solution to support an engaging digital work environment

  • Keep employees informed with targeted communications - the right information, the right people, at the right time, on the appropriate channels
  • Multilingual communications (30+ languages), and automated translation aligns global organizations
  • Easy-to-use social features and videos encourage employees to post, like, comment, and share in communities, generating conversation and participation
  • Employee engagement analytics track how employees interact with the platform and identify most engaging contents
  • Intuitive tools automate the delivery of key information and tasks to employees, across devices and applications, and guides the workforce through key milestones in their employee lifecycle
  • Customizable pixel-perfect design capabilities and branded mobile app create a Digital HQ in line with your corporate culture, where employees feel they belong
  • Employee advocacy capabilities allow engaged employees to use their voice to become brand ambassadors and promote company news across their social networks
Use Cases

Improve employee engagement with compelling use cases activated in a few clicks

Company Alignment

  • Leadership Corner
  • News and Video Centers
  • Town Halls
  • Newsletters and Campaigns

Employee Recognition and Sharing

  • Recognition Center
  • DEI Community
  • Communities of Interest
  • Communities of Practice

Employee Assistance

  • HR Portal
  • Employee Journeys
  • Local Communities and Facilities Directory
  • Facilities Directory
Analyst Recognition

LumApps named a Leader in Intranets

You've found your new intranet home! LumApps is named a Leader in intranet solutions by both Forrester and Gartner Magic Quadrant. We integrate with Google Workspace and Microsoft Teams so your employees have a seamless intranet experience that feels like home.

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