LumApps, paired with Microsoft, is the superior choice for Employee Experience

LumApps excels by enhancing your powerful Microsoft environment and upgrades your digital workspace to a world-class employee experience.

LumApps for Microsoft 365

Why you should chose LumApps to enhance your Microsoft 365 landscape

A company’s decision to invest in their employees and their experience at work will provide high and long-lasting value. Proper onboarding, transparent communication, promotion of culture and community, and the navigation of daily activities can make the difference between a productive, happy employee and one that stalls or leaves. LumApps increases the value of your Microsoft investment with tight integrations providing for increased usage of the valuable investment.

Why you should LumApps for Microsoft 365

The best of both worlds

With LumApps as your Employee Experience Platform and tight integrations with Microsoft 365 collaborative suite you provide your company with the best of both worlds. Bring integrations into context while leveraging LumApps’ pixel perfect design capabilities, so all employees feel at home in your digital HQ.

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Provide an inspiring digital experience

LumApps provides a differentiated and delightful experience from day one for all employees, in the office and on the frontlines. Ensure frontline workers have access to the latest information, even without a Microsoft 365 license, through branded mobile applications that deliver profile based knowledge and information to their fingertips.

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Make Employees feel valued

Engaged employees feel like their experience is invested in, and that their time and work are valued. LumApps is an investment in your employee’s experience that strives to exceed a company’s needs and expectations with a branded and personalized experience in web and mobile. The most complex and globally distributed organizations use LumApps to reach all employees.

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Connect your Digital Workspace with LumApps and Microsoft 365

Rich Microsoft 365 Integrations

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LumApps named a Leader in Intranets

You've found your new intranet home! LumApps is named a Leader in intranet solutions by both Forrester and Gartner Magic Quadrant. We integrate with Google Workspace and Microsoft Teams so your employees have a seamless intranet experience that feels like home.

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LumApps and Microsoft 365 FAQs

    • Features - evaluate the features your company needs and choose a platform that includes those features
    • Vendors and partners - choose the vendor wisely. It’s important the vendor provides all the required services
    • Technical - make sure the intranet provider meets all enterprise technical requirements

    Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool, but it’s still important to have a company intranet platform that can collect and gather knowledge, and allow for 360-degree collaboration between teams. Having a Microsoft 365-integrated intranet allows your company to protect and grow its investment in the Microsoft 365 platform.

    Choose the Microsoft 365 tools that are most important and begin with creating those integrations first. As the platform matures, more functionalities can be integrated, until the needs of every team and department are met.

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